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PRO-VET Hepatic Super Premium 7.5kg - hrană dietetică câini pentru insuficiență hepatică

PRO-VET Hepatic Super Premium 7.5kg - hrană dietetică câini pentru insuficiență hepatică

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Low Protein Content
Rich in Fermentable Fibers
Adjusted Urine pH 6.7
Low Purine Content
Low Copper (Cu) Content
Low Sodium (Na) Content
High Essential Fatty Acid Content
Rich in Natural Antioxidants


PRO-VET Hepatic complete and balanced specialized dry diet for dogs of all breeds and ages to support the liver function in chronic liver insufficiency; also suitable for reducing cystine and urate stone formation.

Liver failure (hepatic failure) is a serious deterioration of liver functions. This can occur suddenly (acute liver failure) or develop over a long period of time (chronic liver failure). The basis for the development of acute liver failure is a violation of the compensatory capacities and functions of the liver. The cause of this can be hereditary, such as a hereditary copper accumulation in the liver, but it can also be caused by a viral infection.
Timely diagnosis of acute liver failure can be cured with proper treatment. With chronic liver failure, only the current state of the liver can be supported to prevent or delay further deterioration of liver functions, but the disease cannot be cured.

PRO-VET Hepatic is a diet low in protein, copper and sodium for patients with liver failure undergoing treatment or in convalescent periods, and can also be taken as a preventive diet to protect a healthy liver function.
PRO-VET Hepatic is due to its low content in protein and purine and its adjusted pH-level, also ideally suited for dogs suffering from cystine and urate stones.


Low Protein Content Decreases the formation of ammonium in the liver and helps to reduce the risk of hepatic encephalopathy. Has a positive influence on the reduction of the development of cystine- and urate stone formation.
High Content of Fermentable Fibers. Stimulates in the colon the attachment of bacterial protein to nitrogen, reducing here with the formation of ammonia and thereby supporting the liver function.
Adjusted Urine pH 6.7, Low Content of Purine .
Preventive works against the formation of urate- and cystine stones, decreases the development of acidosis.
Low Copper (Cu) Content. Decreases the copper accumulation in cells and thereby supports the liver function.
Added L-Carnitine Stimulates the use of lipids by the liver and ensures a high energy requirement for this organ. PRO-VET Hepatic contains L-Carnitine of 300 mg/kg
Low Sodium (Na) Content. Contributes to the control of portal hypertension and ascites.
High content of essential fatty acids. Helps to reduce inflammatory reactions.
Rich in Natural Antioxidants.

Reduces the formation of free radicals. Helps to prevent the age-related decline of tissue structures.

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