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super premium quality

  • for indoor cats;
  • for sterilized and castrated cats;

Ideal Urinary pH ±6.5
Hairball Control
Weight Control
Longevity formula
Cardio Protection&Treatment
Digestive Health (FOS+MOS)
Highly Digestible Proteins
Natural Antioxidant Mixture
Odor Control
Moisture level 8%

KiS-KiS INDOOR super premium dry food for indoor cats of all breeds; contains special nutraceuticals that provide a perfect maintenance of indoor cats*
INDOOR has been specially developed with the assistance of internationally recognized Dutch experts of veterinary nutrition. There are several reasons for adapting the nutrition of the indoor cat from about five years. The most important are: an increased risk of diseases, overweight due to aging of different organs, reduction of the resistance and joint diseases.

Many indoor cats are moving less. The body condition depends on the feed intake and on an inferior degree of physical activity of cats. INDOOR therefore contains less energy, so obesity can be prevented. Excessive body condition reduces life expectancy by an increased risk of cancer, diabetes and heart failure. INDOOR has a low energy level to control the physical condition of indoor cats. The special composition of INDOOR reduces the risk of certain diseases and simplifies the control of body weight. An ideal body condition increases life expectancy and reduces the risk of major diseases. INDOOR should be supplied to an individual in the quantity that the ideal weight will be achieved and maintained. INDOOR has added extra nutrients (salmon oil) for joint cartilage. INDOOR is the ideal nutrition for sterilized and castrated cats of all breeds.

  • Urinary pH control (urinary pH around 6.5, low level magnesia (Mg) and phosphorus (P)): Contributes to less struvite formation.
  • Hairball control: Fibers of low viscosity stimulate gut motility and control hairball formation.
  • EPA+DHA (omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids): Provide the immune function and skin maintenance. Reduce inflammatory reactions that may occur during the development of atopic diseases and osteoarthritis. Omega-6 and -3 fatty acids are present in the ideal 5:1 ratio.
  • Digestive Health, enriched with prebiotics (MOS+FOS): Supports the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Encourages peristaltic motion, exerting a positive influence on bowel activity and evacuation. Protects the intestines against pathogenic bacteria.
  • Highly Digestible Proteins: Ensures optimal digestion and efficient nutrient conversion, preventing adverse reactions to food.
  • Weight control: Older cats are prone to putting on excess weight extraordinarily quickly. L-carnitine is required for mitochondrial energy metabolism and the breakdown of fats in the body. Biotin plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism, interacting with the pancreatic hormone, insulin. It stabilizes the sugar content in the blood and is involved in breaking down fatty acids and in burning fat. Ideal body weight extends the life of an older miniature cat and lowers the risk of developing serious illness. The INDOOR formula has been developed with a view to facilitating weight loss and not allowing a cat to regain lost excess weight.
  • Longevity formula: EPA+DHA increase immunity, lower the risk of dangerous illness and have a positive effect on the workings of the brain. Natural Anti-oxidants Complex (vitamin E, vitamin C, green tea extract) protects cells from the activity of free radicals. High level of vitamin E offers protection from cancer, kidney failure and mental decline. Low protein content reduces the production of ammonia, thus easing the function of kidneys and liver. At the same time it maintains muscle mass. Low level of sodium (Na) eases the functioning of the heart and protects against heart failure. Low level of phosphorus (P) lowers the risk of liver failure. High content of high viscosity fibers facilitates a reduction in the risk of developing sugar diabetes, creating favorable conditions for metabolism and improving stool consistency. Biotin is involved in the production of glucokinases – substances which activate glucose metabolism. Glucokinase is produced in the same place in the liver where biotin is stored. This is particularly important for diabetics, who have low glucokinase content in the liver. Biotine also plays a not insignificant role in the synthesis of glycogens, ie carbohydrates built up in the liver and muscles, and also in the intake of these reserves and in what is called gluconeogenesis, a process whereby 16 of 22 amino acids are transformed into glucose . In this way, biotin stabilizes the sugar content in the blood. Thanks to its high biotin content INDOOR significantly improves glucose metabolism in cats which suffer from diabetes.
  • Cardio Protection&Treatment (taurine + L-carnitine): The combination of taurine and L-carnitine will treat cardiomyopathy. Taurine (2-aminoethane-sulphic acid) is an organic acid which is formed from methionine and cysteine, and is essential for the proper functioning of the heart. Taurine plays a major role in the working of the heart muscle. L-carnitine helps to normalize the operation of the heart muscle. When added to food the combination of taurine+L-carnitine helps to protect the animal from heart disease. Thanks to INDOOR all those suffering from cardiomyopathy can be successfully taken off medication.
  • Natural Anti-oxidant Mixture: Reduces the formation of free radicals, which play a role in the development and progression of cancer and kidney failure. Reverses the age-related decline of tissue structures.
  • Odor Control: Yucca Schidigera extract, which contains so-called natural saponins, reduces salt peter formation (ammonia, urea, nitrites and nitrates), and decreases the extraction of harmful gases and unpleasant odor of feces and urine. Furthermore, improves due to Yucca Schidigera extract the nutrient uptake by which the intestinal flora is positively influenced. An effective combination of special vitamins supports the visual faculty and helps to prevent reduction of the visual faculty due to aging.
  • Moisture level 8%: Prevents the growth of malignant bacteria and thus protects the feed from rotting, guaranteeing the ingredients have maximum resistance to decomposition.

KiS-KiS INDOOR is an ideal nutrition for indoor cats of all breeds.


Benefits of this food
- High nutritional value and digestibility
- Maintenance of body functions
- Controls the body weight
- Supports the condition of skin and coat
- Promotes mobility and controls hair ball formation
- Provides reduced risk of kidney disease
- Increases vitality
- Increases the favorable bacteria in the gut
- Reduces the risk of struvite formation
- Reduces odors

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