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PRO-VET Struvite Super Premium 3kg - hrană dietetică pisici pentru tulburări urinare

PRO-VET Struvite Super Premium 3kg - hrană dietetică pisici pentru tulburări urinare

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Urinary pH Control
Natural Antioxidant Mixture
Digestive Health (MOS+FOS)
Odor Control


PRO-VET STRUVITE has been developed for adult cats with struvite urolithiasis. PRO-VET STRUVITE will dissolve crystals and stones in the urinary bladder and it will prevent recurrence of symptoms.
PRO-VET STRUVITE provides sufficient nutrients to maintain the body. The development of crystals and stones containing struvite in the urinary bladder is a common condition in cats. Struvite crystals and stones may cause obstruction of the urethra so that the cat cannot urinate properly. Urination will be painful and the accumulation of metabolic waste products in the body may lead to coma and death. In about 10% of the cats presented to veterinarians, there is urinary tract disease caused by struvite. Nutrition plays a major role in the treatment of cats with struvite. Dietary management aims at reducing the urinary concentrations of the components of struvite (magnesium, ammonium, phosphate) and lowering the urinary pH so that struvite dissolves and so that new crystals cannot be formed.

Dissolution of existing struvite crystals and stones in the urinary bladder and prevention of the formation of struvite is only possible by a low urinary pH and low concentrations of the struvite components. PRO-VET STRUVITE consists of magnesium, ammonium and phosphate and either dissolves or does not form at a urinary pH lower than 6.5. PRO-VET STRUVITE contains an appropriate amount of urine acidifier so that the average urinary pH will be 6.3. This pH has anti-struvite activity and does not entail the risk of acidosis. The low levels of magnesium, phosphate and protein further stimulate the dissolution of struvite and inhibit its formation. Thus, PRO-VET STRUVITE can be used by patients with non-obstructive struvite urolithiasis as well as by patients sensitive to recurrence of struvite formation. On the basis of literature data (Osborne et al., 1990; Houston et al., 2004) and the ideal composition of PRO-VET STRUVITE , the anticipated time required for complete dissolution of struvite in the urinary bladder on average is 4 weeks.


Acidifying property Dissoloves the existing struvite; prevents the formation.
Low magnesium Lowers the magnesium concentration in urine.
Low available phosphorus Lowers the phosphate concentration in urine.
Low protein Lowers the ammonia concentration in urine.
Nutrients at optimal concentrations Maintenance of body functions. Supports the condition of skin and coat.
High digestibility of proteins, fats and carbohydrates Good consistency of faeces.
Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega-3 family (EPA+DHA) Stimulates the immune function. Improvement of condition of skin in atopic disease. Reduces the risk of cancer, kidney failure and osteoarthritis.
Rich in natural antioxidants. Reduces the risk of cancer and renal insufficiency.
Low in phosphorus Lowers the risk of renal failure.
Rich in fibers with high viscosity (FHV) Reduces the risk of diabetes mellitus and hairball formation. Stimulates the gut motility and advancement of faeces consistency.
Rich in fibers with low viscosity (FLV) Stimulates gut motility and controls hairball formation.
Added Yucca extract Diminishes odor formation by faeces.
Digestive Health
added prebiotics:
Supports the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Encourages peristaltic motion, exerting a positive influence on bowel activity and evacuation. Protects the intestines against pathogenic bacteria.

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